the first to mock Simon Cowell in stunt

By on Friday, August 2, 2013

Quickest off the mark to take advantage of Simon Cowells allegedly fathering a child by his friend’s wife, have launched a high-waisted babygro.

The limited edition range features Cowell’s trademark high-waisted belt and a shirt design with the brand’s logo.

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The moral judgement of utilising a celeb’s misfortune for PR purposes is always a dubious one. The key seems to be pushing it just far enough that it’s effective and not so far that it’s unsavoury – à la sending a taxi for Justin Bieber so he’s not late for a concert again following fan-backlash or Nando’s making fun of the Suarez biting incident.’s stunt has already seen coverage on the Drum and DigitalSpy, but I’m not sure this is just a bit mean.

I’m sure a plethora of stunts will follow as more emerges about Cowell’s private life, watch this space…

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