Coca-Cola ‘Mini-me’ campaign offers fans 3D printed versions of themselves

By on Thursday, August 22, 2013

Members of the public were invited to a 3D printing lab set up inside the main Coca-Cola factory in Israel, where they had a 360 degree scan and later presented with a mini figurine of themselves.

The Mini-Me campaign was to promote the launch of Coke’s mini bottles and those chosen to participate were picked from users of an app that allowed them to create their own digital ‘mini-me’.

3d print coca cola mini me campaign

As I’ve said before, I’m monumentally excited about 3D printing – and, of course, the way marketers can use it. I might have to have a gander at The 3D Print Show in London this November (also shows in Paris and New York).

Source: PSFK

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