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By on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

David Cameron’s recently founded crusade against pornography has unsettled a lot of people. The fact is that if you knew that every time you clicked the link that says “Yes, I am over 21” you were added to a government watchlist, odds are you’d stop watching. Leaving aside for a moment whether it would stop child abuse images (it won’t), one internet service provider has, well, provided.

In a statement on their website (link), ISP Arnolds & Andrews Ltd state:

“Active choice is not a choice

The government wants us to offer filtering as an option, so we offer an active choice when you sign up, you choose one of two options:-

  • Unfiltered Internet access – no filtering of any content within the A&A network – you are responsible for any filtering in your own network, or
  • Censored Internet access – restricted access to unpublished government mandated filter list (plus Daily Mail web site) – but still cannot guarantee kids don’t access porn.

If you choose censored you are advised: Sorry, for a censored internet you will have to pick a different ISP or move to North Korea. Our services are all unfiltered.”

In closing, and just to make sure you know who this is aimed at, they add:

“Is that a good enough active choice for you Mr Cameron?”

Whether you watch porn or not, I’m confident this ballsy (sorry) piece of PR is going to make headlines.

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