The Guardian installs a ‘republican’ button to block Royal baby news

By on Monday, July 22, 2013

You may not have heard the news that she of William and Kate is in labour. That might well be because you read The Guardian online and chose to hit the ‘republican’ button.

The national daily paper has installed a button that blocks any royal baby related news with a mere movement of your finger (why has this only just been created!). ┬áSimply hit the ‘republican button’ and you’ll be blissfully unaware when the headline changes from ‘married woman in her 30s goes into labour’ to ‘married woman in her 30s gives birth to a baby’.

(This is, of course, just a rough summary of what is actually happening and not a real headline – in case you try googling and come up disappointed).

Of course to stay that way you’ll have to avoid the TV, radio, papers, magazines, social media, the internet in general and any human with the ability to speak the same language as you. And possibly a few who can’t.

You’ll also have to avoid the royalist button that The Guardian has thoughtfully installed as well, just in case you change your mind.



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