Nike’s FC247 team patrol Madrid ready to pop up a football pitch on demand.

By on Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nike are launching the new shoe line FC247 in Spain by bringing the game to people on demand with their #Mipista campaign.


They created a laser pitch which could be sprung up in any location as long as there was a flat ground giving aspiring footballers and fans of the game a chance to have a kick about.

There was a mobile unit which had a team of Nike FC247 specialists in, a crane and a laser system to project the lines patrolling the city of Madrid. It was on call and ready to get to a requested location to set up a temporary pitch. You request it via an app and the team aim to be there within the hour.


“When kids get together informally, they spend more time on Facebook than playing ball,” explains Jesús Revuelta, Creative Director at DoubleYou. “We wanted to come up with a way of reaching and encouraging them to play anytime, anywhere.”

A good little stunt, using tech that the target market already know and love to bring their other love together. Plus this really reminds me of Fifa Street!

Agency: Double You

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