Fridge full of beer that can only be opened by a Canadian passport…

By on Sunday, July 7, 2013

Yes there are a lot of fridge based stunts going on, but rather than the boring coke or juice, this one’s beer!

This stunt was by Canadian beer brand Molson Canadian who installed 3 fridges in London, Dover and Canterbury. Also placing some around Europe in France, Brussels and Belgium.

However, unlike the other fridges that require a tweet or a hug, this one only opens to somebody who is Canadian… and you need a passport to prove it.


The aim was to bring back the pride into Canadian people whilst also spreading Canadian tourism, with those scanning and unlocking free beer for all the thirsty Brits around them were cheered, thanked and knighted. Ok maybe not knighted, but they should’ve been.

It was a great way to celebrate national pride and link it back to the brand.


Stunt by Rethink Agency


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