Condé Nast + Konami Code

By on Thursday, July 11, 2013

The digital team at Conde Nast impressed this week in how they dealt with a miss-hap on their website due to a cheeky web developer.

The eagle eyed team at Buzzfeed spotted that the Konami Code had been implemented on the Conde Nast websites, probably added by a developer when the sites were built.

So what does the code do? Graphics appear on the page when users types in the following code:

↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A

Classic ‘memes’ such as Nyan Cat and Raptor In  A  Hat appear on screen every time you enter the code. A rather random appearance on the stylish Conde Nast sites which include Easy Living, Vogue and GQ.

Raptor GQ

However the digital team at Conde Nast clearly understand the power and reach of Buzzfeed (40 million users per month), so instead of throwing their toys out of the pram, Conde Nast embraced the opportunity. Taking advantage of the uplift in traffic to their websites, Conde Nast created tailored versions of the graphics e.g.  Raptor in a suit for GQ. Advertisers were also appeased by discreetly moving the graphics away from the online ads.

Nyan cat

The story has since had pick-up in The Independent, CNN and TechNewsNow.

A good example of thinking on your feet when the unexpected happens and being brave with your brand.

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