Amstel call for a timeout from the smartphone

By on Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It is a situation we are all familiar with, it’s Friday night, you’re at the bar, you’re trying to kick back from a long week in the office, and the ice-cold beers are starting to flow but the constant buzz and ringing of a smart phone is preventing you from completely turning off.

Even if you decide to be good, and leave your phone face-down on the table to protect yourself from its yearning gaze, the odds are that someone at the table will be tapping away at any given moment making you feel left out from the smartphone world.

To help you switch off Amstel have developed the smartphone locker, the idea is simple – you lock your smartphone away in a little locker, where it can take a break and in exchange you get a free beer. It’s a great incentive for pubs and is already an idea which is being picked up by other brands.

Put your phone away in exchange for a free beer.

Put your phone away in exchange for a free beer.

For instance, the Offline Glass has been developed by advertising agency Fischer & Friends and is currently being used in SalveJorge Bar in Sao Paulo. A wedge is cut in the bottom of the glass meaning that it has to lean on something as thick as a smartphone in order to stand up straight.


A glass that only stands up when supported by a mobile.

Fischer & Friends says it’s designed to “rescue people from the online world” and “bring them back to their tables.”




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