Singletons to find love in designated ‘singles carriage’ on underground

By on Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyone knows that sex sells and that train travel is a chore – so how do you combine the two to come up with a great PR stunt?

Prague transport company Ropid have come up with a great way to lure people onto its trains: they’ve designated carriages to single passengers and are urging them to ditch the dating websites and flirt on its underground instead.

Blog - Prague underground

Spokesman Filip Drapal said: ‘We want to emphasize that public transport is not only a means of travel but that you can do things there that you cannot do in your car.’

Sounds a bit dodge. But if it gets people onto trains who are we to judge, hey?

The service could be up and running by the end of the year, and has garnered interest in the media, so far seen on Mail Online, Reuters, Metro, ABC News, TIME and Telegraph Online.

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