Coke's Happy Flag – tapping into a national identity

By on Monday, May 13, 2013

I love this, it's such a clever, yet simple stunt, and has created a charming and interactive feature in one of Denmark's busiest areas – Copenhagen airport.

Someone clever has noticed that the iconic Coca-Cola logo features, amid the swirls between letters, what approximates to a Danish flag – a flag waved by people awaiting relatives coming back home, as well as greeting new arrivals to Denmark.

coca cola happy flag

So McCann Copenhagen created a box pre-loaded with Danish flags, embedded within the Coca-Cola logo, for people to grab and wave at the arrivals gate. The result, hundreds of people waving Coke branded flags as people arrive.

Clever, charming, subtle and tapping into a country's identity. Genius.

Involved agency: McCann Copenhagen


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