7Up create the worlds first ‘melting vending machine’

By on Saturday, May 11, 2013

7Up has literally up'd the ante on all these vending machine stunts by creating one solely out of ice, yes… ICE!
A huge vending machine-sized ice block was carved and had 7Up cans placed inside. As the day went on, and the sun shone down on it, gradually cans were released from their casing and people were able to help themselves to one of the ice-cold drinks.
They used social media to allow people to guess what time the last can would be freed from the block via Twitter, and the people who got it right all got a free six-pack of 7Up! Something so small and simple, but that's what made it work – the fact it was a realistic prize and that they could give away so many.
See it all summed up in a clip below:


This stunt was created by advertising agency BBDO in Beunos Aires, Argentina.

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