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By on Saturday, April 13, 2013

Of all the social networks, Instagram is the champion of food. From stir fry to shepherd’s pie, a well cooked meal is up in a flash for all to see – and carried through one of their fancy filters to make it look even more delicious.

Now if the meal tastes as good as it looks, you’re probably going to want to make it yourself. However, as we all know, it’s a lot harder than it seems. Not everyone’s a professional chef – and those who possess a palate educated enough to do this from taste alone are a rare few.

Well CT Foods, Sweden’s premier Eastern food supplier, are here to help. Simply upload a photo of the Asian cuisine you ordered, tag them and they’ll unveil the mystery of what’s in front of you. They’re even nice enough to give you the whole recipe to recreate that special meal – and really impress your foodie friends.

A great bit of work to drum up more business and turn the Swedes into Asian food masters.

Can someone do this here?

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