‘sell’ your mate in a national ad with MySingleFriend

By on Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sarah Beeny My Single Friend

Think your single friend is so great their worth shouting from the rooftops about? How about bagging them an ad on national TV so you can tell thousands of potential dates why they should be lining up to date your mate?

In a world first, dating site MySingleFriend.com (founded by Sarah Beeny) is offering a paid TV ad to tell the nation why their best friend makes a great date, potentially helping them to find the love of their life.

The online dating platform allows people to sign up their single friends to help them find love and the company has already received thousands of responses to its call for a ‘star’ on its Facebook and Twitter profiles, proving not only love is not only alive and kicking, so is friendship! The eventual winner will be given an opportunity to broadcast their advert for a single friend they think is a catch.

Castings are taking place in London this week to find a dedicated pal who wants to go on TV to advertise their friend so if you’ve got a mate you want to help land a date, contact [email protected].

Agency: Manifest London

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