Old Spice Bolsters Marketing team with…Mr Wolfdog

By on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mr Wolfdog in his natural habitat...business.

Mr Wolfdog in his natural habitat…business.

In 2010 it was handsome man Isaiah Mustafa wrapped in a towel, swan-diving. In 2012 it was Old Spice Guy Vs. New Old Spice Guy – an internet battle of epic proportions. Now, in 2013, it’s Old Spice’s new executive director of marketing – Mr Wolfdog.


Director Wolfdog might be new to the position but he already has lots of “cliche business-man decorations” and is pretty good at making a million dollars – “Stamp, stamp , stamp!…That’s how I do Business.” That’s right, he’s got  Kotler and Armstrong’s principles of marketing pretty much covered.

His wilder mannerisms do come through at times though, including an urge to eat staff members, but, as AdAge point out, Director Wolfdog turns this into the most important marketing lesson of all – “Because sometimes, America, you have to eat people.That’s business.”

The genius film from Wieden & Kennedy Portland promotes Old Spice’s new premium line of wild scents, including Wolfthorn and Hawkridge and the whole campaign is exactly what we’ve come to expect of the Proctor & Gamble brand – brilliantly tongue in cheek, expertly self-referential (with a nice jab at the Marketing profession, which let’s face it, can be a little w*nky at times) and very, very funny.

For all the wolfy fun, follow Mr Wolfdog’s blog writings here and his Twitters here, and enjoy another brilliant campaign from the Old Spice guys.

To muse more generally on the campaign though, it must be down to the lack of fear the brand show when it comes to being ridiculous that has aided the viral impact of their content. It’s the same sense of silliness that Reddit users seem to be pursuing daily and in many ways it’s the same type of thing we saw in that hilariously silly Korean pop song. For the brand team, it’s clearly the secret to viral success! Hats off!

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