London Underground cash in on Kate with pregnancy sticker

By on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The London Underground today presented Kate Middleton with a ‘Baby on Board’ badge designed specially for pregnant women. During

the visit to Baker Street tube station, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the transport network, the Duchess happily wore the badge, providing the best possible press for the initiative.

From Mail Online

From Mail Online

With commuters often embarrassed to check whether a lady is definitely pregnant, the tongue-in-cheek badges provide a nice easy way to allow them to offer their seat without feat of offending.

Picking up coverage in nationals including the Mirror and the Mail OnlineAmerican and French press, and even the infamous Perez Hilton site, the move is a savvy way to capitalise on the Duchess’s visit.

Anything that can detract from comments on Kate’s hair, fashion or smile in favour of a brand initiative during a royal engagement must be doing something right!



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