Australia’s best job in the world returns for 2013

By on Monday, March 4, 2013

(Quick note from Rich – I can’t find this anywhere else – could Louise have stolen the march on the Tourism Australia’s PR and got in there first with this?)

Did you have that Monday morning dread today? Exhausted after the Sunday night fear? Cold March mornings getting you down?

This is probably the PR stunt for you. This pop up ‘Australian beach’, complete with a lifeguard’s chair was blaring cheerful music in London Waterloo this morning.

The Australian tourism board has revamped the 2009 award winning ‘best job in the world‘ campaign from Brisbane-based creative agency SapientNitro that racked up worldwide coverage for a caretaker position on a beautiful Queensland island.

For 2013 there are six positions up for grabs in six different regions. Whether you dream of eating your way around Western Australia, exploring all that Sydney has to offer or spending some time as a Wildlife caretaker or Outback Adventurer the deal is pretty much the same: Enjoy the best Australia has to offer and get paid doing it.

Each of the six positions offers a 6 month contract and a $100,000 package (consisting of $50,000 salary paid fortnightly and $50,000 living expenses).

Those who wish to apply, according to the FAQ, can apply through the site (link below) or through Australian Working Holiday’s Facebook page, though the app to do this through doesn’t appear to be up yet.

Entrants must upload a 30 second video explaining in English why they’re the best person for the job. Applications close on the 10th April 2013. 150 shortlisted applicants will be announced on the 24th April, 18 of which will be announced as finalists on the 15th May. Between 15th June – 21st June, the 18 finalists will be interviewed in Australia. The final winners will be announced on the 21st June.

1. As a Chief Funster in New South Wales you’ll review festivals and events

2. As an Outback Adventurer in the Northern Territory you’ll travel the outback and report on adventures

3. As a Park Ranger in Queensland you’ll patrol the beaches

4. As a Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia you’ll swim with dolphins and sea lions, ‘wake up the kangaroos’ and explore Kangaroo Island

5. As a Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne you’ll create city and country photo shoots

6. As a Taste Master in Western Australia you’ll ‘eat your way around the State’, uncovering the best bars and restaurants

The ‘best job’ campaign spawned tons of copy cat attempts, but perhaps the 2013 campaign will reach the dizzy heights of the original.

Read more about the campaign here on

Here’s the full press release

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