Dennis Rodman takes the stage at the Vatican

By on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Until very recently the Catholic world was in waiting as a new Pope was chosen. All eyes were on Rome, or rather all eyes were on a chimney in Rome – and as the black smoke came pouring out, what we really needed was Dennis Rodman’s insight.

Yes that’s right, Dennis Rodman. You know, that crossdresing NBA superstar who was on Celebrity Big Brother once? Now I can’t imagine many of you were looking for his wisdom on this matter, but Paddy Power (being the gambling type) took a punt that someone out there was.

So, having recently made friends with Kim Jung-Un, they flew him all the way to the Vatican ready to feed the media frenzy – and feed he did. The chimney was ignored whilst Rodman strutted around in his flower power jacket and Paddy Power hat, with every media microphone under his nose.

It’s incredible that the sheer ludicrousness of this stunt meant it actually worked – with the Irish bookmakers proving once again they know how to hijack events on a global stage.

Now I know you’re probably pining to hear Dennis Rodman had to say…you’re not? Well here’s an interview on BBC anyway. Prepare to be enlightened

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