Golden Wonder takes on Walkers with a cheeky call for change

By on Monday, March 11, 2013

Golden Wonder are going all out with a new campaign that aims to take on Walkers, questioning all our conceptions about crisps as we know them. And by all we know, I mean the fact cheese and onion are sold in blue packets, and salt and vinegar in green.

Walkers holds the authority on crisp packet colour, despite traditional opinion believing the two colours should be switched.

In a nice move from Bottle PR, the Tayto-owned brand are now challenging this unyielding acceptance, and plan to hold an ‘amnesty’ across major cities to encourage the British public to make the switch, choosing their green cheese and onion over Walkers’ blue, and the same with salt and vinegar.


Consumers can sign a petition demanding change, and voice their agreement with the hashtag #CrispArmy, and the whole campaign has taken on a brilliantly rebellious spirit with a tongue in cheek attitude (you’ll see what I mean when you check out the site).

Marketing director Scott Guthrie says that when talking to consumers they’ve found that “this is the most emotive topic”. He states: “Cheese and Onion comes out of a green bag – it’s a fact of life, it’s just the way things should be”, and such passionate rhetoric  is sure to strike a chord with concurring consumers.

With rallying cries  ‘It’s Crunch Time’ and ‘Sign up if you’re cheesed off’, the campaign is a nice cheeky way of challenging the big dog, and I for one am excited to see how it’ll pan out. Let the battle commence!

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