Raise a glass to a POTUS of the past

By on Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This clever little idea caught my eye in today’s edition of Mr Hyde – Every year, the Round Robin Bar at the Willard in Washington D.C. has a menu of drinks inspired by all 44 past US presidents, either based on what they were known to drink, or were likely to drink during their presidency.

While some of the entries on the list are pure speculation, it’s a fun look through the history of booze in the United States and some of the drinks on the menu reflect the changing tastes and national mood over the decades.

Plus, you can decide which past POTUS you’d like to get your drink on with… I’m with President Ford, mine’s a Glenfiddich, although hold the ice.

While it’s not the craziest PR stunt I’ve ever heard of, it’s a fun way to get the bar some coverage during inauguration season and goes to show that sometimes the simplest ideas make for the best PR wins.

I’ll certainly drink to that!

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