Want your Christmas tree to shine? Pedal faster!

By on Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas is the merriest of merry times of year, and with all the merriment comes a host of lights and decorations – which some enjoy more than others.

These decorations have a cost, namely the electricity bill and the impact on our lovely environment.

Electric Pedals, a group of “artists, physicists, educationalists & environmentalists”, has decided it’s time we work a little harder for our festive cheer, and put some pedal-power behind Christmas lighting.

Electric Pedals Christmas Tree

To that end, they’ve created two pedal-powered Christmas trees as part of the Winter Festival at London’s Southbank Centre. Essentially, the trees are powered by energy ‘donated’ by visitors pedalling bikes at the foot of the trees.

So good news for Christmas cheer, the environment, and energy bills. Lovely.

Photo credit: Electric Pedals Facebook

Source: Engadget

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