Tunnel Stunt Dupes Suckers Everywhere

By on Friday, December 21, 2012

Tasked with promoting the ‘monster suction’ of an extra-powerful new vacuum cleaner, the agency turned a well-known tunnel in Slovakia into a pipe of the vac – in order to show that it can literally vacuum anything (including cars and lorries


There’s a catch of course…what looks like a very impressive ‘special-build’ advertising billboard, is actually a fake. Knowing they’d never get permission for the idea, they created a mocked up online video – in order to generate conversation online as to whether it was real or not, whilst simultaneously communicating the benefits of the product.

More info in the video below. Not sure I quite buy the notion that a brand like Miele would have zero media budget, and no real indication of just how much the content was shared, but it’s a nice low-budget idea. And it’s not about Christmas either.

Source: AdsOfTheWorld

Agency: Mayer McCann Erickson (Bratislava)

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