Sh*t on Boris Johnson’s doorstep this weekend in World Toilet Day PR stunt

By on Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have you ever fancied taking a dump on Boris Johnson’s doorstep?

To raise awareness of World Toilet Day on November 19th, bleach brand Domestos (Unilever) has comissioned artists greyworld to create a giant interactive sculpture called The Public Toilet, inviting members of the public to put their face on the apparently defecating sculpture this Saturday, the 17th.

Boris squeezing one out, earlier.

Made from porcelain and standing four metres high, the statue will be squatting in Potters Fields, right on the London Mayor’s doorstep, in front of Tower Bridge.

The art installation, in such a public place, highlights the health, emotional and psychological consequences that 1.1 billion people endure from not having a proper, clean toilet.

Domestos is asking people to poo on the lawn by adding their face to The Public Toilet from Nov 17th 2012 at

Watch the video trailer here:

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