Air NZ’s not-entirely-unexpected safety video

By on Sunday, November 4, 2012

In recent years, Air New Zealand has developed a penchant for themed safety videos that turn the most predictable and boring, yet most important part of a flight, into a source of entertainment and engagement.

With just four weeks left until the much anticipated world premiere of The Hobbit, it was no surprise to find that “Air Middle Earth” churned out a Peter Jackson-inspired video to draw attention to its safety instructions.

Air NZ started its themed videos with “The Bare Essentials of Safety” to support its “Nothing to Hide” campaign – highlighting the fact that the airline’s fares contained no hidden fees. And then there was the All Blacks starring in a version launched to support the Rugby World Cup.

With their frequent turnover rate, the Air NZ safety videos have almost cult status and are definitely an innovative way to encourage passengers to actually pay attention to something that is often ignored, yet could save lives.

Watch the video below:

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