The Gravity Coffee Run – Ultimate Intern Task!

By on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Imagine it’s your first day at work and you’re asked to make a round of coffees. You’re pretty nervous anyway, but then you’re told that your coffee making skills are abysmal! Quick panic, then they tell you that they’re going to get a coffee manufacturer to teach you how to make the perfect coffee – by packing you straight off on a flight to El Salvador to find the right beans. Bigger panic!

This is exactly what happened to intern Kirstie at New Zealand’s MoreFM. So she was packed off to the airport, video camera in hand, to head out on a masterclass in how to make the perfect coffee ‘from bean to cup’

Kirstie in El Salvador

Of course it’s a complete set-up from Gravity Coffee Roasters, but it’s a very effective way of building a campaign around one idea, for a relatively minimal investment (video camera and a couple of flights). Kirstie sent back a video diary each day and the whole exercise was documented via a blog and YouTube channel, as well as being used as a driver to help build a new Facebook community around the brand.

Selecting the beans

Since then, the campaign has developed, with Kirstie touring New Zealand in the Gravity Coffee van and providing sampling opportunities for the general public.

Relatively low budget, at least in the initial stages, you can see how a similar tactic deployed by a more high profile brand could really pick up some very significant traction.

Agency: Special Group

Source: Gravity Coffee Blog

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