O2 vs Tesco. The Tweet-Off

By on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

O2, known for their inspired TOV on social, have been engaged in battle…with Tesco.

The brands duelled yesterday through a 140-character back-and-forth, fuelled solely by a Twitter user, appropriately called @HoldMeBackBro.

Yesterday, he tweeted, “@UKTesco I swear you and @O2 should have some banter.”

Tesco drew the first blood but O2 responded well…

@O2 Oh blud! Don’t be up in my face! You know we’re the Daddy around here!

@UKTesco ORLY? Because from here you look more likely to be a mum… (via@thepoke) pic.twitter.com/7LOD2E0E

For me, the whole exchange was a tad contrived but the corresponding social media teams clearly know what will give their followers a cheap thrill – O2 have used this gimmic well in the past and have been rightly commended for having fun with their brand.

The lesson here is in humanising your brand. Tesco and O2 did this expertly yesterday, causing quite the social stir whilst reinforcing their desired on-line image to consumers.

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