Monsters University ‘academic’ website launched to promote Monsters Inc 2

By on Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More to chronicle it here as an example of a well thought out effort than give a page-by-page summary, I wanted to mention Monsters University, the brilliantly detailed ‘academic’ website put together to promote the new Monsters Inc. movie.

The website can be viewed here and pages and pages of text to help build a realistic-looking university website.

The site gives prospective monster students an idea of life on campus and even has a store that redirects to Disney’s retail website, with hoodies made for monsters with more than two arms.

Having just returned from a trip to Disneyland Paris, I think Disney has the balance right when it comes to entertaining but never letting you forget that you’re there to buy. All too often, businesses are scared to do that when it comes to their marketing.

All in all, executed in the way you’d expect for a launch as big as the Monsters University movie (previously dubbed Monsters Inc 2).

Source: Tyler Peters

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