How to Impress a Penguin

By on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Job ads – those are pretty dull aren’t they? Not much room for creatively, just a list of responsibilities, experience needed and a salary bracket.

If you agree with this you must have missed the Impress a Penguin site, which has attracted a huge amount of attention over the past few days for what is basically a job ad. A very clever job ad.

Impress a Penguin 1

Penguin Group, the world’s second largest book publisher, is on the look for a Community Manger to handle its social presence. In additional to a traditional job listing on the company website, Penguin has also put together a short seven page website explaining how to ‘Impress a Penguin’ – or basically how an applicant can land the job.

Impress a Penguin 2

Maybe it’s the simple but clever idea, or maybe it’s the penguin’s slightly sad expression on the first page, but this ad has captured a lot of attention and affection from Twitter users. Check out a few tweets below.

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