Gatorade employs Usain Bolt to prove their place at the Olympics with #WinFromWithin

By on Saturday, August 18, 2012

The restrictions imposed on Olympic athletes appearing in non-sponsor advertisements expired on August 15th, allowing Gatorade to release this ad with three times gold medal winner Usain Bolt to advocate their relatively new product ‘Gatorade Chew’.

“We weren’t there on stadium billboards. We weren’t there on double-decker buses. We weren’t on buttons, souvenirs or commemorative snow globes. We weren’t there officially sponsoring anything. We were there for real – inside the bodies of some of the greatest athletes on earth.”

Take Bolt; one of the most well-known and respected London 2012 athlete’s, ‘show’ consumers that your product was there with him, behind the scenes, helping a champion to achieve great success – win.

What I like most about this advert is that it is incredibly simple, they din’t even use the words ‘Olympics’, ‘London’ or similar, it was clear from the film what they were insinuating. ‘You can #WinFromWithin with Gatorade’!

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