Groupon offers baby naming deal

By on Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Groupon, the daily deal company, is offering to take the pressure off soon-to-be parents with a $1000 baby naming deal.

If you thought you hadn’t quite read that right I’ll repeat; Groupon is offering to name babies for $1000. The name on offer is, wait for it, Clembough! As no one has ever heard this name before it remains a mystery as to how to pronounce it or which gender it might belong to.

The deal went live in the US  a couple of days ago and speculation about the purpose has been rife. Groupon itself claims its actually not a stunt at all, but it seems few believe that. With the bad publicity its been receiving recently regarding its treatment of businesses signing up to Groupon, I think some (not so) bright spark at HQ thought it was about time they had a bit of fun. And this is the result.

Social media has naturally picked up on this, and I have read that someone has even signed up! However, if I was making a list on good and bad PR this would definitely go down as a #fail

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