Coke & BK bring ‘freestyle’ drink machines to the UK – customers can create their own soft drink

By on Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coca-Cola will initially bring it’s ‘freestyle’ touchscreen vending machines to 16 Burger King outlets in Greater London later this month – with so much activity going on in London this summer, they couldn’t have timed it better. Tourists, UK and world-wide will be pouring into London to get in on the Olympic action, I’m sure a machine like this will attract the attention of plenty, ensuring people from many corners of the earth will be talking about not only the Coca-Cola brand’s but Burger King too.

The machine can dispense more than 100 drinks, allowing the user to mix their favourite brands with other flavours e.g. Sprite + peach. Originally launched in 2010 in the US, the service is used as a data gathering tool to inform product and service innovation. If they are successful they will be rolled out to other outlets in the UK.

This video on YouTube shows a tutorial on how to use the machine:

Step 1: Pick a brand – e.g. Diet Coke / Fanta

Step 2: Get specific – Choose specifics e.g. cherry / vanilla

Step 3: Push – dispense

Step 4: Enjoy!

Coke have also created a video advertisement which is an extention of their happiness campaign – this time using security camera footage.

‘Look at the world a little differently’ is a video designed to show everyday acts of kindness, in a twist to what we generally associate CCTV with – crime. The video highlights people around the world kissing, helping the homeless, and of course sharing a Coke, as well as other random acts of kindness. The feel good movie is type of content that is sure to be shared, these are warm, intimate moments that everybody likes to see.

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