British Airways Home Advantage

By on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

British Airways has kick-started the promotion of its status as a Team GB Olympic partner with a television advertisement during the European Championship England v Ukraine football match last night with a very cool ad campaign.

The ad, part of the airline’s Home Advantage campaign features one of BA’s jets strolling through London and showcasing landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and the Palace of Westminster, before taking in the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. The video is appropriately set to The Clash song London Calling. The ad is being shown on Facebook first, as with other recent BA video activity. In the online version users can input their postcode and watch the aircraft taxi down their street.

The campaign is to encourage Britons to stay in the UK under the strapline “Don’t Fly. Support Team GB and Paralympics GB during the Games, but describes it as “tongue-in-cheek”. The airline says it created the ad after carrying out research that showed thousands of Brits have juggled holiday plans to be in the UK for the Games.
The ad will be supported by newspaper ads and social media involvement on Twitter through the hashtag #homeadvantage. As part of the Home Advantage campaign BA has held a competition to win free flights to the UK for friends and family living abroad.

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