Was Tulisa’s sexiest woman crown part of a FHM PR stunt?

By on Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So, is Tulisa Contostavlos really the sexiest woman in the world? Well, according to FHM she is. Whether ,in your opinion, she is or isn’t, it has to be noted that this could just be a genius PR stunt from FHM. For example, if I was to look at the trends on Twitter while writing, at least 4 of the top trends are connected with this story alone. If that isn’t effective PR then I don’t know what is. Would there have been the same interest surrounding the topic if predictably, somebody like Megan Fox or Cheryl Cole had won? More than likely not.

Tulisa is in the spotlight at the moment, after what can only be described on the blog as a ‘PR campaign’ of her own. People want to know about her private life, people want to talk about her. Have FHM in fact been extremely clever and used this to their advantage to gain vital PR for the magazine? Well, if they did it certainly looks to be a fantastic PR stunt.

The only question arising however is how must Samantha Brick be feeling after not even featuring in the top 100? I’m sure in her world she will always be number 1, sorry about that Tulisa.

Matt Galloway (@mattagalloway)

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