Shot Dead in the Head may find they have shot themselves in the foot with topless Queen T-Shirt stunt

By on Monday, May 21, 2012

A UK fashion brand has sparked outrage with the launch of a T-Shirt depicting the head of the Queen on a topless model’s body.

Picture courtesy of Shot Dead in the Head website

West Country retailers Shot Dead in the Head are selling the top complete with the slogan ‘Loverly Jubilees’ at a rate of 10 an hour since launching it online last week (apparently)

The stunt, though highly distastful, is creating a buzz on twitter and will certainly get the coverage is was aiming for and so I suppose can be deemed successful. But it smacks of being both cheap and nasty, and certainly not original, and may ultimately backfire. Whoever came up with this stunt may find the British public to hold the Queen in higher regard than they do.

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