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By on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is a clever little PR stunt in Australia by Converse being used to launch its 2012 Chuck Taylor All Star collection, which encourages people to ‘break’ the glass to grab a free pair of shoes.

The emergency boxes have been placed in all the major cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth etc. in select locations and people are urged to take the shoes from a fire emergency type box.

The campaign carries the slogan ‘Let’s Take This Outside’, and Converse are looking to create some publicity around their new launch. Certainly, offering free products is always a sure way to get people talking, but the innovative and clever stunt Converse are using is a really nice added touch.

The campaign is supported by the Converse Australia Facebook page and follows a series of similar campaigns by the company in various countries. Clues are given as to the boots whereabouts via a Facebook picture album:

It runs until the 10th of June, so if there are any Australian readers of the blog keep a lookout, and as Converse quip on their website if you do find the shoes and they aren’t your size, give them to a friend who needs dry feet!!

Matt Galloway (@MattAGalloway)

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