Playing Russian roulette with pizza is a painful success

By on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

If you’ve ever watched Man vs Food then you’ll know that the ‘hot sauce challenges’ are always the most entertaining. So after getting their hands on one of the world’s hottest chilli sauces, New Zealand’s Hell Pizza chain decided to use it for their own unique brand of marketing mayhem.

Pizza Roulette from New Zealand's Hell Pizza

Using a mix of outdoor, e-shots and web activity, customers ordering pizza were encouraged to ask for two drops of one of the world’s hottest chilli sauces to be placed on one slice of pizza at random. But which slice?! The result: Russian-roulette-pizza…and some pretty impressive sales results.

Promoted under the strapline “It doesn’t cost, but someone pays”, the result was their most successful campaign ever, seeing a big uplift in sales, a raft a new business and a spate of customer-generated reaction videos all over social media channels. A great campaign that plays upon two of the public’s favourite pastimes: playing games and seeing people in (mild) pain – just think how popular ‘fail’ videos are!

Source: CleverStuff

Involved Agency: Barnes, Catmur and Friends, Auckland

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