Kiwibank celebrates its 10th birthday with random acts of thanks

By on Monday, April 23, 2012

To celebrate being a decade old, Kiwibank decided to say “thank you” to total strangers with random acts of kindness that were shared across social media channels.

The birthday party started in Wellington Railway Station where Kiwibank party hosts delighted morning commuters with their niceness. Such as buying people coffees and snacks, handing out free newspapers and flowers, and stamped postcards that could be used to send your own thanks to people. And a ukelele band serenaded passers by.


Once outside the station, you could grab a sedan chair ride across the road, carried by four burly, handsome Kiwibankers.

It wasn't just rail commuters that benefited. Around town the niceness was spreading, with Kiwibankers paying the bus fares for a whole bus queue, helping out with parking change and generally spreading the thanks, smiles and good vibes.

The postcards that were handed out had the hashtag #randomactofthanks printed on it, which were used by Kiwibank's Twitter team to promote the campaign and encouraged Wellingtonians to tweet about their experience. 

Early results showed tweets re-tweeted, and the tweets of others about #randomactofthanks have reached a potential audience of 12,000.  There was a youtube video posted about it and several Facebook shares.  Kiwibank also released their own video of the Wellington and Auckland events.

The Wellington event went unpromoted and was purely played out via social media. It was followed up by similar random acts, albeit with a little more promotion, in Auckland and Christchurch.


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