Order pizza with one touch of a fridge magnet ‘panic button’

By on Thursday, March 29, 2012

If picking up your phone to order a pizza is simply too much of an effort for you there is now another way; a pizza panic button.

Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai has produced a 'VIP Fridge Magnet' that, when pressed, will transmit a signal that connects to the internet and orders your favourite pizza for you via the company's online ordering system.

The button's built-in Bluetooth chip connects to your mobile phone and transmits a pre-programmed pizza order back to the Red Tomato Pizza restaurant. Once your order's been received, you'll get a confirmation via SMS.

a href=”http://prexamples.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/red-tomatp-pizza.jpg”>red tomato pizza panic button

Unfortunately pizza buttons are not available in the UK, we'll have to put up with getting our phones out and using an app like out-of-date plebs.  But, as ordering online increasingly becomes the norm, I predict that more and more companies will be inventing new ways for us to buy their product.

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