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By on Friday, February 24, 2012

Contrary to how I thought it might pan out, a month has gone by, and I am definitely still sticking with this, aren’t I?

One month PR examples

My very best MS Paint skills on display for all to see

I mean, you’re probably too polite to tell me how incessantly irritating it is that every other tweet of mine now links to – or is about – the site, or how the site has been so flimsily categorised that even Bear Grylls would struggle to navigate his way around it.

But that aside; it’s been a cracking first month.

‘How cracking?’ I hear you say. Well, imaginary questioner I’m using as a literary device to lead me into my point, allow me to tell you more.

In this first month, more than 10,000 individuals have found the site, and unless my mum has discovered and mastered the use of proxy servers (which may or may not help, I don’t know much about them myself), this is a figure I’m incredibly proud of, and one that couldn’t have been achieved without the help of the real stars of the show; the 40+ people signed up to contribute.

With students from a number of universities and practitioners from some of the world’s best known agencies, the people who’ve simply sent me a quick email asking to get involved have provided the site – and you, the reader – with campaigns and stunts one person alone couldn’t hope to keep track of. They’ve been instrumental in helping to build a following around the world and I just wanted to publicly thank each and every one of them, especially those who’ve already got around to contributing – whose names can be seen in the column to the right of this page. With contributors in the States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, Scotland, Wales and England, the net is being cast wide with regards to campaigns we would easily have otherwise missed.

So, well done me, the site is great, yada yada. ‘What now?’ I hear the same person – now irritating everybody else in the room with his constant interruptive hand-raising – asking.

  1. We keep at it. More people read, share and get involved with the site. We keep building the mailing list to ensure more people receive the best stunts and campaigns every week (sent on Mondays), based on the five best-read posts.
  2. I categorise the site better, to help you all find what you’re after more easily, and I keep promoting it to people I think will benefit from reading it: PR and social media professionals, students and lecturers. I’ll be doing this very soon.
  3. We continue to sign up more contributors from the countries we currently have some within, and also from countries you may not hear much from usually. India and China are two countries that must do great things PR-wise, but I can’t name one campaign from either nation and would like to find people who can open these doors.
  4. I open myself up to people with useful tools that can serve the readers of the site. Advertisers, if you want to get all pacific about it. You’ll never see an ad for Viagra, cheap holidays or Russian brides on here, but if you want to reach people who might be interested in your industry-related services, I’m all ears.

Finally, thanks to you for reading and sharing the site. As long as all you PR and social media types continue to do great work, there’ll be stunts and campaigns to write about.

On that note, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any good examples you see, or if you’d like to contribute. Email me at [email protected].

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