Tiffany & Co. drop a hint this Valentine’s Day

By on Thursday, February 2, 2012

Over the years women have perfected the art of dropping hints to their other half but sometimes it’s to no avail, especially when all the subtle hinting for that bracelet/watch/earring etc. results in a bunch of petrol garage flowers.

So Tiffany & Co. have made it easy for both Men and Women this Valentine’s Day by introducing the ‘drop a hint’ service. Users can send a carefully worded e-mail direct to a love one’s inbox to get their message across.

The service allows shoppers to personalise a message and Tiffany’s then informs their Valentines of their desired gift.

So here’s hoping anyone using the drop a hint service is pleasantly surprised come February 14th and don’t wake up to find their loved one has splashed out on the ASDA Smart Price Card:

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