Mass Effect 3 PR stunt ends in failure

By on Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do you remember this PR stunt, where EA said they’d send copies of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 (video game) into space?

The games were equipped with a GPS tracking device, allowing fans to track their progress. When the balloons landed, anyone who found one was able to bag a copy of Mass Effect 3 before its release.

Mass Effect 3 PR stunt update

The balloon. Stuck.

Well, two of the initial launches – both from San Francisco – have ended in disaster, as one has been lost in the desert, and one has ended up stuck at the top of a very high tree:

The Las Vegas launch was a success, however, and there are more to come, including New York, Berlin, London and Paris.

EA’s marketing team has asked fans on Facebook not to try to retrieve the balloon in the tree for safety and legal reasons!

Source: Pikigeek

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