‘Aphrodisiac-packed’ bull testicle pie out of stock already

By on Saturday, February 11, 2012

Online grocery store Ocado.com started selling something a little different today to mark Valentine’s Day: a ‘cock and bull pie’ cooked up by chef Charlie Bigham, complete with bull testicles, and a host of other apparently ‘sexually stimulating ingredients’.

Bigham's Cock & Bull pie, Matt Crossick/PA

The product, which also contains ginseng and Mama Juana liquor (a liquor made from tree bark and herbs soaked in rum, red wine and honey – a combination¬†originally prepared by native Taino Indians to ‘get them in the mood for love’) is described in the release as the world’s first passion-inducing pie.

Ocado warned of ‘very limited availability’ even before the ¬£7.99 pie went on sale. Here’s the product page online – though it’s out of stock*.

Nice work by serial stuntsters Frank PR – also behind the Fosters logo backwaxing effort we blogged about the other day.

*Possibly just another way to say ‘we only made enough to get the coverage’, but that’s only because I’d have probably done the same.

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