Sky Mobile and Pete Wicks are helping Brits call it quits on their bad relationships

By on Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Sky Mobile has worked with Pete Wicks to help Britain break up with their mobile network in a Saltburn inspired tongue-in-cheek film.

In the campaign by Taylor Herring – the reality TV hunk guides the public on how easy it is to ditch their costly and inflexible mobile network by text, so they can move on to something better with Sky Mobile.

The decision to appoint Pete Wicks as their ‘breakup consultant’ comes after new research reveals that nearly seven in ten (69%) people think May is the best month to end a relationship ahead of the warmer summer months… hot girl summer anyone?

The research also found that half of Brits are prepared to terminate a relationship by text, citing avoiding confrontation, nervousness around speaking face-to-face and the ease of cutting contact as their biggest reasons… 68% said they would stay in a relationship, even if it was unhappy, to avoid having to go through with a breakup.



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