Red Bull gives wings to skydivers soaring through London Bridge

By on Monday, May 13, 2024

Red Bull has proved that it really does ‘give you wings’ as two Austrian skydivers successfully completed the first wingsuit flight through London’s Tower Bridge on Sunday morning.

The Red Bull athletes leapt from a helicopter at 3,000 feet and reached speeds of up to 153mph as they glided through the bridge, executing a complex manoeuvre called a “flare” that left behind red smoke trails.

The feat was made achievable through cutting-edge wingsuits capable of providing enough stability to transform vertical descent into horizontal flight.

The duo underwent rigorous training and over 200 practice jumps at a training ground in Oxfordshire where two cranes stimulated the dimensions of Tower Bridge.

The successful flight was over two years in the making and was meticulously planned and executed in partnership with Red Bull, with Tower Bridge closed for the stunt.

The adrenaline-fuelled stunt continues the energy drink brand’s tradition of sponsoring extreme sports and daredevil athletes, embodying their aim to appeal to energetic, thrill-seeking youth.

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