Dove Chocolate want to bridge the ‘Mommy Gap’ in the workforce

By on Monday, May 13, 2024

In celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States last Sunday, Dove Chocolate launched an initiative called the ‘Mom Experience Translator’ to champion all mothers by highlighting the transferable skills of motherhood to the workplace.

The Mom Experience Translator, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology, was designed to transform the challenges of the ‘Mommy Gap’ into career opportunities for mothers returning to the workforce. By inputting job descriptions, selecting relevant skills and adding accomplishments from motherhood, users can translate their parenting experiences into valuable job skills. With this tool, women can bridge the gap between the valuable skills gained during motherhood and the skills employers are looking for.

This innovative tool comes in response to the pervasive challenges faced by women re-entering the workforce after maternity leave and career breaks.

According to a survey by JobList, over 60% of people with a year (or more) gap in employment are women. Furthermore, research by Harvard Business Review found prevalent bias against applicants who have extended employment gaps, reflecting the need for innovative solutions to combat job market biases which disproportionally affect women and in particular, mothers.

Gabrielle Wesley, Chief Marketing Officer at owner Mars Wrigley, expressed Dove Chocolate’s commitment to empowering women, stating, “We’re thrilled to inspire moments of everyday happiness this Mother’s Day by helping to provide additional support and highlight the incredible strength, power and excellence moms bring to the table in all aspects of life.”

As part of its Mother’s Day celebration, Dove Chocolate have also announced another campaign to further assist mothers on their journey back to the workforce. Ten deserving moms will have the opportunity to win $1,000 each to cover expenses related to their career aspirations. Additionally, Dove Chocolate pledges to contribute $10,000 to a charity supporting women re-entering the workforce.

The Mom Experience Translator tool is now accessible HERE.

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