Snickers launches competition for one lucky couple to have a Euros screening room at their wedding

By on Thursday, April 11, 2024

Snickers has launched a competition offering one lucky couple the chance to win the ultimate football screening room at their wedding, as well as a wedding themed wedding cake.

This comes after Snickers conducted a piece of research, uncovering that 80% of couples getting married this Summer are already worried that their wedding might clash with an England match  And it would appear that they have good reason to worry – as 68% of football fans are also worried that a wedding they’re attending will clash with a key England game this summer, with 29% of football fans considering declining a wedding invitation if the clash arises.

Snickers worked with leading statistician Ed Jefferson to map wedding booking data against England’s possible route to the final and combined this with a survey of 2,000 football fans to compile the ‘Snickers Own Goals Report’. The report reveals that 7,311 weddings are due to take place in England which clash with a key England match this summer.

Further findings from the Snickers Own Goals Report reveal that over a quarter (27%) of British football fans admit they would secretly watch a game during a wedding and 41% would constantly check the score on their phones. Over one in ten (13%) would even sneak away from a wedding to the pub to not miss a match, with 13% encouraging the couple to show the game at the wedding.

Kerry Cavanaugh, Business Unit Director at Mars Wrigley, said: “We all know that feeling of scoring an own goal, that moment of realisation when you’ve turned up at the wrong grounds or when you hear crowds cheering at a goal just as you’ve nipped to get a hot dog. That’s why, this summer, Snickers is helping the nation’s fans by offering brides and grooms, whose wedding falls on an England or Scotland game day, to win the ultimate screening room and avoid scoring an own goal on their big day.”


  1. Arriving at the stadium and realising you’ve left the tickets at home (41%)
  2. Leaving early because they think the team as lost, only for them to equalize (35%)
  3. Missing a goal to get food/drink (34%)
  4. Missing a game altogether because they got the kick off time wrong (32%)
  5. Sleeping through a game (30%)
  6. Arriving late for a game (28%)
  7. Accidently wearing the same colours as the opposing team (24%)
  8. Booking a wedding on an important game day (22%)
  9. Accidentally planning a date on the same day as a key football match (21%)
  10. Sitting next to the fans playing drums (20%)

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