Samsung Galaxy Watch Introduces AI Feature to Assist with Speech Impediments

By on Friday, April 26, 2024

Approximately 100 million people worldwide suffer from speech disorders. In a significant move, Samsung and Cheil Worldwide Spain have launched a revolutionary AI application for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, designed to transform the daily lives of individuals with speech disorders. The app, named IMPULSE, acts as a virtual metronome for those affected by speech impediments.

IMPULSE utilizes the proven rhythm therapy technique, which subtly enhances speech fluency by generating beats for users to follow. This app provides a silent, haptic pattern that users can mimic, thereby improving their speech in real time, employing a sophisticated algorithm based on natural language processing, IMPULSE analyses and recognises speech patterns, transforming them into rhythmic vibrations that help guide speech.

This innovative application marks the first time these rhythmic patterns have been made portable, moving beyond the confines of traditional therapy settings. It grants users the autonomy and confidence to speak more fluently, directly from their wrists. Currently available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, IMPULSE is set to include additional languages in the coming months.

This development is part of Samsung’s “Technology with Purpose” initiative, which continues to break new ground in tech innovations aimed at overcoming barriers and expanding possibilities.

Alfonso Fernandez Iglesias, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of E-commerce Direct to Consumer at Samsung Espa├▒a, noted, “This year, by┬ámerging unique mobile features with AI, we’ve crafted an innovation that significantly enhances the lives of people with speech issues. Like all our technology-driven projects, we collaborated with a range of experts to devise the most effective solution and ensured it is accessible to everyone.”

With IMPULSE, Samsung is pushing the boundaries of creativity, offering transformative, life-changing technology in a profoundly human way.

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