Cheetos shines the light on the “other hand” in their latest OOH campaigns

By on Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Cheeto’s have boldly launched their “other hand campaign”, to celebrate people’s dedication to eating the snack with their dominant hand regardless of the situation.

According to Cheeto’s, 99% of people eat the snack with their dominant hand and because of this they are left with one of two choices, either put the bag down or attempt to complete tasks with their non-dominant hand. The snack company made use of a 30 second video as well as some genius OOH advertising to emphasise the potential outcomes of using their other hand. From sketch artists attempting (and failing) drawings to plastic surgeons botching their patients, the fun and light-hearted campaign pokes fun at their loyal customers who refused to put the bag down.

Cheetos® Debuts ‘Other Hand’ Campaign, an Official Celebration of Fans who Reserve their Dominant Hand for Enjoying Cheetos

“Cheetos fans everywhere know the feeling when they need to get things done, but their fingers are covered in that beloved orange Cheetle dust,” Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing at PepsiCo Foods North America, said about the new ad spot in a press release.


“Instead of putting the Cheetos bag down, they try out their Other Hand, and things often go hilariously ‘wrong.’ From missing high-fives to daily task mishaps, this campaign is an ode to the fans who will do anything for their favourite snack. We’re showing the world that it’s okay to use your Other Hand and embrace the mess.”

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