Heartwarming: UNIQLO launches new HeatTech line with a warm hug

By on Tuesday, January 23, 2024

UNIQLO’s latest stunt to launch their HeatTech required people to get up close and personal with their nearest and dearest.

UNIQLO took to the streets of France to spread a bit of warmth with their new vending machine, offering passers-by the chance to nab some HeatTeach goodies. The twist? It doesn’t take euros, or even pounds – you’ve got to pay in hugs.

Created in collaboration with French marketing agency, The Pill, the vending machine required participants to cosy up to whomever they were with, waiting for the handy vending meter to fuel up from warm yellow to ultra warm red! Each loving embrace dispensed one of the products from their new  line.

The reason for launching the line with cuddles and squeezes is simple – UNIQLO’s new HeatTech range feels like a big warm hug! Fashioned using a heat retaining, moisture wicking mixture of polyester, acrylic, rayon, and spandex, the collection works as the perfect base layer for this miserable weather we’ve been having this January.

Much like the vending machines meter levels – the HeatTech has warmth levels ranging from HeatTech Extra Warm, which is designed for drab, chilly weather,  to HeatTech Ultra Warm which is better for extreme winter conditions.

Hug it out folks, you never know, you might get a treat!


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