Fiat says goodbye to grey

By on Monday, July 3, 2023

Italy is the country of colours and, starting from today, FIAT’s cars too.

In their latest campaign Fiat’s CEO, Olivier Francois, announced that from June the brand would be stopping production of all grey Fiat cars. Instead, they plan to brighten their bold image with colours that embody the Italian sun, sea and sky!

The spectacular stunt involved Fiat’s brand new 600e car being lifted 15 metres into the air, with none other than their CEO inside. The car was then lowered into a ginormous can of orange paint, completely covering the original dull grey colour.

Astounded onlookers from the already colourful village of Lerici (Liguria) watched on as the car was revealed with a banner that read – ‘ITALIA. LA TERRA DEI COLORI. FIAT. IL MARCHIO DEI COLORI’. (ITALY. LAND OF COLOUR. FIAT. BRAND OF COLOURS.)

Now, bearing in mind that grey is the UK’s most popular colour choice for new cars, is this move from Fiat crazy or ingenious?

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