World’s first breast cancer screening bra for Black women launched

By on Friday, February 10, 2023

Love & Nudes and McCann Canada collaborate to create The Stage Zero Collection following shocking statistics

The skin tone lingerie brand, Love & Nudes, have introduced a new line named The Stage Zero Collection. The company worked with medical professionals to replicate breast cancer symptoms in the bras, and have created the bras in a variety of skin tones, being the first in the world to create a breast cancer screening bra for Black women.

In their research, Love & Nudes found that that Black women face a 40% higher death rate of breast cancer than non-racialized women. Despite this,  nothing had existed until now to help Black women identify the symptoms on darker skin tones.

Additionally McCann Canada and Love & Nudes also highlighted that breast cancer screening begins in most provinces in Canada at 50, yet Black women start to show symptoms at 40. Together they have started a petition on to change this! See link here to find the petition.

To take a look at Love & Nudes brand new The Stage Zero Collection range, click here!

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